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Tips to be a Good Driver

While driving is considered as an art, it also has a lot to do with the coordination of your senses, and your multi-tasking abilities to some extent. While some people get into the rhythm in a few takes, it takes a fair amount of practice for others. Here are some very useful driving tips which learners can apply for being better and more responsible drivers, and at the same time enjoy the pleasure of driving

  • Always make sure that you are neither sleepy, nor in an inebriated state while driving, as your senses and observation skills will be very low, which might lead to mishaps.
  • It is compulsory that you read and understand the guidelines, instructions and traffic rules in the driver’s handbook for your geographical zone in particular.
  • Take a quick look at the weather report before you embark on a long drive. Hence you will be better prepared to face any possible adverse weather conditions.
  • Always remember the clichéd and yet very apt saying that speed thrills but kills. While being nervous while driving is a negative factor, being overconfident and trying to show off can also prove to be very dangerous.
  • Make sure your vision is clear. This includes your spectacles or contact lenses if you wear any, your sunglasses in case you require them and most importantly your windshield, which needs to be clean and clear at all times. Always keep a duster handy in the car to wipe the windshield in case the wipers are not working for some reason.

Driving Licenses

Driving Licenses are issues under two categories- Provisional and Full Driving Licenses. While the former are available for those who have never had a full license or those who are not completely eligible for a full driving license, the latter is issued to a person who is at least 17 years old and has passed the driving test. In order to drive, all those who hold provisional licenses must be accompanied by an adult above 21 years of age, who has had a driving license for at least the past three years.

Importance of Safe Driving

Millions of lives are lost every year in road accidents, and it is owing to the actions of a few errant drivers that so many people suffer for a lifetime. Not only is it important to be a safe driver, but it is equally necessary to be a defensive driver today. Defensive driving will keep you safe and enable you to enjoy the gift of driving to the fullest. This includes always being alert while driving, not talking on your phone, keeping an eye for vehicles and pedestrians around you, exercising special caution at bends and intersections and so on.

The Gift of Driving 

Drinking and driving is a highly risky practice, and despite there being so many safety awareness campaigns, we still have instances of drunk drivers who flout traffic regulations. This must be put to an end immediately, and we all should vow to enjoy the gift of driving responsibly.


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I’m deeply indebted to Island Wide for bestowing me with the joy of driving since a very early age. Not only was I provided with the best driving instructors, I was also assisted at every step of the application process for my Driver’s License.

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The team at Island Wide- The Gift of Driving has been very friendly and helpful towards all my driving requirements. They enabled me to get a new driver’s license really fast. Kudos to their efforts!

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Music Den

Many thanks for your professional and courteous services. Both of my children have learnt how to drive as well as applied for their driver’s licenses under the purview of Island Wide. They have been exceptionally efficient and responsive in all their dealings.